7th December 2016

We’re Essex Wildlife Trust Corporate Members

Based on the edge of Watt Tyler Park in south Essex our proximity to nature couldn’t be any closer. 

Most people think of south Essex as a semi-suburban industrial region but when you take a closer look you can see that the region really is an important area for wildlife and the rural environment. Bowers Marsh, literally behind our HQ is a recent £5.2 million pound park created by the RSPB and the Watt Tyler Green Centre was a £1.6 million investment to create new wildlife habitats. 

As both of these centres are less than 5 minute drive from our office we realised just how important wildlife is to us and as such we’re now “Investors in Wildlife” as corporate gold members of the Essex Wildlife Trust. 

The Essex Wildlife Trust is the largest in the county and has been protecting Essex Wildlife since 1959. 

Vice president Chris Packham of the Wildlife Trusts explains..

“There are plenty of great reasons but I’ll give you three. They are vocal, they are visible and they are value for money. The Wildlife Trusts are all about getting involved at a local level. Essex Wildlife Trust works within your community and is looking after wildlife in your backyard. That means you benefit from it, so show your support at a local level. You’ll be supporting the future, both of wildlife and of everyone in Essex – and in the whole of the UK, too.”