16th March 2016

The Finishing Line, now delivering by drone !

You’ve read Amazon’s plan to deliver orders by drone well we’re already ahead of the curve.

…Well, maybe just not yet but we did have a drone filming at our warehouse last summer which enabled us to have a really good look at the technology.

 Could it work for our business?

Currently we deal with large volumes of big heavy magazines and products that would need a drone the size of a Chinook to service our customers, but as our business is all about innovation it’s certainly something we can’t ignore.

 The world seems to be moving to personalisation – from personalised printing where a company or individuals name can appear on a print run into the thousands ; to the way we’re all greeted when we login to our favourite shopping website. 

 In fact if you think about it even the likes of a TV service provider such as Netflix or iTunes have been developed to liberate us to create our own unique content and playlists rather than being forced to stick to the old TV schedules of yesteryear.

It’s all about us.

So will the future see the Finishing Line with a fleet of drones delivering for our clients straight to the end user’s home, taking out a huge chunk of the supply chain ?

 Quite possibly. 

 The technology is in it’s very early days but we’re always looking at ways to save costs for our clients and improve efficiencies all round.

 So watch the skies…. you never know, we might be recruiting for drone pilots next.