5th May 2016

Saving the Planet – one product at a time..

Back in March the BBC published a new story on their website  claiming that plastic bottle litter on beaches in the UK is up by 43% (

Apparently this equates to approximately 160 bottles per mile of UK coastline ! 

As well as this, overall there was a rise of 34% in general rubbish found at the seaside.

And this is just in the UK. 

A few days later 13 sperm whales washed up on a beach in Germany and it later transpired that four of them had large amounts of plastics in their stomachs (which in turn had caused their deaths). 

As an avid sailor I constantly see waste plastics washing alongside my hull whenever I head out to sea, with most marinas and harbours being in an absolutely awful state and so it’s something I’m very passionate about.

It’s undoubtedly a massive worldwide problem that we all need to do something about.

But where do we start ?

At The Finishing Line we work with products that are by and large plastic based and we work in a fast moving, quick and tight turnaround industry. As such It’s easy for the industry as a whole to end up with thousands of products going straight into landfill (and quite possibly some ending up polluting our oceans). 

We always thought that there was a better way, so last year we began a new service that we’ve called “Product Returns”.

Our core business is in adding products to magazines and if these don’t sell they get returned to us for disposal. We realised (from seeing the often thousands of items), that scrapping these products just didn’t make any business or social sense – for the client or the environment. 

So we established a new department where we remove the items from their packaging and instead store them and re-purpose them for later use by the client – such as in a special offer feature or Christmas special package. 

If you’ve seen Toy Story 3 remember when all the toys head to the furnace to be saved at the very last minute  by the mini-martians ? Well essentially that’s what we’re doing !

By re-purposing the products the client gets another chance to re-use the product (which is great for their bottom-line), we save it from 10,000 years of landfill (or ocean) existence and in a very small way we help to prevent even further pollution of our planet. 

We think this approach to re-use and re-cycling really is a first for our industry and something we’re keen to start shouting about because we don’t know of anyone else who’s thinking along these lines – and we all know EVERYONE should be….

Please contact me directly if you want to find out more and how by working with us we can help you do your bit for the planet too…

And watch the film below to see our team handling the returns.